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Ich bin Alexandra Christina Bauer. Als Psychotherapeutin und Life Coach verstehe es als meine Mission anderen Menschen in ein selbstbestimmtes, zufriedenes Leben zu begleiten und sie dabei zu unterstützen. Vor allem helfe ich Frauen dabei, Selbstliebe zu praktizieren und ein authentisches Leben mit individuellen Lebenskonzepten zu führen.

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Clients Reviews

Here you can find a small collection of reviews from my clients.

So you get a sense of how it can be to work with me.


Sebastian, 34 years young:

„Very good therapist.

If you are looking for a psychotherapist in Munich, I recommend Alexandra Bauer. I have known her as a very empathic, understanding and yet rational therapist who is able to convince not only with her nature, but also with professional competence. The calmness she brings within the therapy sessions affected me as her client and immediately gave me a certain sense of security. Alexandra Bauer has a good feeling for the time that someone needs to open up- and gives it to him as well. I – as a man – had no problems opening up to her and was not disappointed in my confidence. After each session, I felt a bit better. I can warmly recommend Alexandra Bauer.“

Claudia, 50 years young:

„Alexandra Bauer helped me with my problem through her sensitive and appreciative way. I felt immediately understood and accompanied in a competent manner. she gave me very good and practical tips, which I could implement immediately.
The conversations with her greatly encouraged me and helped me to perceive things that I had not even noticed before, to get to know myself better and to become active accordingly. “

Anja, 43 years old:

„I felt very well cared for in therapeutic work with Alexandra Bauer, because of her empathy, it was easy for me to build a trusting relationship with her.“

Anne, 32 years young:

„Through a very good friend, I received the recommendation to seek help from Alexandra Bauer! I immediately felt very comfortable, so that I could open quickly. At each meeting there was a very harmonious atmosphere (both on a human level as well as the room in which she received me in). The meetings quickly brought up something inside me and helped me to see / understand something more.“


Lutz, 40 years young:

„Alexandra Bauer has accompanied me during my professional reorientation as a coach, helping me to work out and define my main topics and questions. Through the clear focus of my planning on these aspects, I was able to make the next steps efficient and to implement them. “

Tanja, 43 years young:

„Frau Bauer’s coaching helped me a lot with her clear and calm approach, helping me to recognize the essentials of my problems and to find solutions for a much better life.“


Social Media Rockstars, Munich:

„Alexandra Bauer has not only helped us in the consultation,to stabilize our sales.

She also helped us to understand how we can maintain cooperation and communicate with our business partners with a sustainable approach to solutions, thus further expanding our business relationships. Mrs. Bauer works very focussed despite the time pressure and felt gaps in the system, which were previously not at all aware of us.
With this new approach, we were able to solve a big problem quickly and efficiently by simply looking at it from a different angle. We definitely look forward to expanding our company with Mrs. Bauer in the future. “

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