Mindstyle Coaching Technique

Mindstyle Coaching Technique

only at Serenity Life Coaching

Mindstyle Coaching Technique helps you

  • to reduce doubts and fears
  • to dissolve negative thought spirals
  • to find out where to go
  • to focus on what you really want in life
  • Do you overthink and worry on a daily basis?

    Are you tired of constantly pondering? Do you yet suffer from sleep and concentration disorders? With the Mindstyle Coaching Technique we get to the bottom of the musings. Together we develop strategies that you can use sustainably against musings and a worrying everyday life.

    I know that each of us has his own concept of life and this is justified. We are all different and that’s what makes us special.

  • Do you often hang in negative thought spirals?

    Do you think a lot about negative situations? Are you annoyed for weeks / months about long-forgotten moments? Or do you want to change something about a constant negative mood and be positive about the future again? The Mindstyle Coaching Technique can support you.

  • Do you often think of things you DO NOT want instead of your wishes?

    How many times a day do you paint your future blacker than you really want to experience it? Do you think very often about things you do not want to have in life? Is it hard for you to keep thinking about what you really want to draw into your life?

    Our thoughts are a big part of our well-being and can greatly influence our future. Learn to re-structure your thoughts with the unique Mindstyle Coaching Technique – only at Serenity Life Coaching!

  • Are you looking for meaning in life and your passion?

    Do you often ask yourself, if that is already all what you can expect from life? What is your personal meaning in life? Would you like to lead a meaningful and harmonious life for you? The Mindstyle Coaching Technique can help you.

    Obstructive belief patterns are dissolved and you feel deeper into yourself through the work of values and meaning. Find your passion with the Mindstyle Coaching Technique!

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what my awesome clients say

Why you should book a Mindstyle Coaching with me

Within the past few years, I have used changing strategies and tools in my work with a variety of clients. Over time, some of them have proven to be very valuable. So I have gradually developed my own tools that are very popular among my clients.

I started to work on a technique that helps my clients to find their own way to solve problems in a solution-oriented and sustainable way.

With my support and the Mindstyle Coaching Technique you will how to maintain a healthy mindset within a few weeks.

Mindstyle Coaching is not the right fit for you, if

  • you suffer from a lack of initiative

    Every coaching requires commitment and the will to change. Change is not always easy and can be painful.

    I stand by you empathically and understand that you need your own pace. Coaching without the willingness to go into action, however, can not bring any benefits.

  • you do not want to reflect yourself deeply

    I do not work with clients who are unwilling to deal with themselves. If you do not want to watch your own part in certain situations, neither the Mindstyle Coaching nor any other coaching process is suitable.

    A coaching requires reflection ability on the part of the client. This means, that he/she is ready to look at himself/herself in the mirror and get to know him/her quite well.

  • you suffer from depression or other mental illnesses

    If you suffer from a mental illness, mindstyle coaching is not the right fit for you. Coaching is always aimed at healthy people.

    However, I gladly support you with my extensive network of competent psychological psychotherapists, neurologists and psychiatrists.

  • As a substitute for psychotherapy or medical treatment

    Coaching NEVER replaces psychotherapy or a medical treatment. If you suffer from sleep disorders or other physical symptoms, I expressly make no promise of salvation. These must all be clarified by a medical doctor. After that, we can start with a coaching process, if necessary.

    However, if the sleep disturbances come from you worrying too much, coaching can help (after clarifying mental illnesses such as depression, etc.).