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Ich bin Alexandra Christina Bauer. Als HP für Psychotherapie und Life Coach verstehe es als meine Mission anderen Menschen in ein selbstbestimmtes, zufriedenes Leben zu begleiten und sie dabei zu unterstützen. Vor allem helfe ich Frauen dabei, Selbstliebe zu praktizieren und ein authentisches Leben mit individuellen Lebenskonzepten zu führen.

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Psychotherapy Munich


We all have the expertise to feel what is needed to live happily, healthy and in harmony with ourselves.

After the assumption of humanistic psychology, growth conflicts arise when we only experience affection and confirmation by fulfilling certain conditions.

From this human image, it was concluded that psychotherapy could create a comfortable climate for the disturbed growth process.
The prerequisite for this is a protected and valuable space between the client and the psychotherapist, where trust and security form the basis for cooperation.

The prerequisite for therapy is self-initiative

Negative experiences from the past are allowed, reflected and ultimately discussed. It is learned to understand itself and its actions better. Thus, emotionally negative events can be favorably influenced. However, psychotherapy means hard work – above all, you are strongly required as a client. But I am also on your side to guide you through your inner process and stand with professional knowledge by your side.

Psychotherapy can be used at short notice in the case of a current conflict. In the case of medium- and longer-term goals, this form of therapy can help to, for example, illuminate specific personality aspects and develop their own potentials better. In doing so, you decide how long you want to reflect feelings and behaviors with the help of conversation psychotherapy. I work also with clients when it comes to a dramatic loss of a loved one. I do know the pain that comes along when a very close person passed away. I also do know that you can grow step by step out of the situation of grief and see the happy sides of life again while honoring the deceased person.


I would be happy to discuss with you the possibilities of a therapy in a non-binding first consultation in my practice in the Munich city centre.