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Ich bin Alexandra Christina Bauer. Als HP für Psychotherapie und Life Coach verstehe es als meine Mission anderen Menschen in ein selbstbestimmtes, zufriedenes Leben zu begleiten und sie dabei zu unterstützen. Vor allem helfe ich Frauen dabei, Selbstliebe zu praktizieren und ein authentisches Leben mit individuellen Lebenskonzepten zu führen.

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About me
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Alexandra Christina Bauer -

Life Coach/ Naturopath for Psychotherpapy

I have been always interested in people and their stories. Their real stories, what moves us, what blockes us from living a happy life? People always got close to me quite soon and opened up with their sorrows and problems. Early on I have been noticed as a good listener and I knew that there is more than just interest in other ones. So I was really into psychology and was kind of nerdy when it came to philosophy and spirituality. 

In my early 20’s I worked in finance as a tax assistant, office manager and in HR. Back then I already learned a lot about how to guide employees and trainees. But my wish to help other people dealing with life was growing more and more. As a young adult I made my own experiences with psychotherapy and so far I had 130 hours of therapy sessions and an intense coaching process myself. For me this is an ethical recondition for everyone who works therapeutical. I joined a lot of trainings about coaching and respectful communication (by Marshall B. Rosenberg), stress management, mind training. After that I decided to do a full education in client centered psychotherapy (by Carl Rogers) and life coaching in my hometown Munich. 

Since 2016 I work with clients from Munich and around the globe, any age, any profession.

Read here what my awesome clients say about working with me. 

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More about my passion

During the last couple of years I went to more as 33 countries in Asia, Central America and Africa. I got a deeper understanding of spirituality. As a female solo traveller I learned a lot about my individual needs in this time. Since 4 years by now I live as an on-off-digital nomad, practice Yoga and meditate- most of the time while photographing in nature. It clears my mind to see a scenery with all the details in it. To be fully in the present moment.  I also write down all these special moments and experiences and live a conscious life. 

I do have a high consciousness for your individual way of life. My goal is to accompany you on your way to a happy life. This is the base line of my work, when clients either choose a psychotherapy or a life coaching process. 

You can choose between appointments in the city centre of Munich or online via Zoom or Skype. 

Get in touch and set an appointment right now. 
What’s stopping you from living the life, you want?

Life Coach Psychotherapy Psychotherapie Coaching Natur München Munich Grünwald Bogenhausen Düsseldorf Hamburg Online Email Pullach Solln

What my awesome clients say about working with me

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