Nature Coaching

Finding support in nature

Nature Coaching

In a nature coaching, the vastness and tranquility of nature is used to support the coachee with his fears, conflicts and/or challenges.
With special methods, intuitive solutions can be found in nature. Some of us find it easier to think and talk in motion and while breathing in the fresh air.

The metabolism gets going and you are active – which can often lead to a different view of things. However, a natural coaching can also be built into an existing process as an additional element.

Why coaching in nature

  • Conflicts

    A coaching in nature offers a calm and pleasant atmosphere to deal with everyday conflicts. The silence and freshness clarifies the mind and emotional life. Conflict issues in work, family and partnership can be seen from a certain distance.

  • Self-Discovery

    Do you often feel that you are burdened by many things in everyday life or that you no longer have an eye on yourself? On a walk through nature you can sort your thoughts and find your inner voice through the silence.
    I am happy to accompany you with professional coaching methods.

  • Stress Management

    In today’s time and age we are exposed to many things at the same time. In the long run, this can put a lot of strain on us and challenge our sensitivity.
    Do you want to slow down your life using mindfulness techniques? Reinforce your creativity and intuition? Then a coaching module in nature can bring you many benefits.

How long is one coaching session?

Depending on the topic, a coaching appointment in nature can take between 1.5 and 3 hours or a whole day. The coach and coachee already meet in nature and clarify the topic and concerns of the appointment.

After our appointments you get a workbook with a summary of the session, inspirations and tools as homework for yourself. My clients say this digital treat is a true Game Changer.

Together we develop solutions for your individual challenges while using various methods that are oriented towards nature.

A nature coaching/ mindfulness training in nature can also be booked as business or team events (please contact me directly for such an occasion).

Choosing me as your coach

  • Life experience

    For a long time, I found it very difficult to do various things for myself. It was difficult for me, to find my place and I kept putting myself in drawers that just didn’t belong in. Over the past 10 years I have learned a lot about myself through coaching and therapy and have thus learned more and more about myself and my true essence. Today I know that it is ok to have many interests and talents as well as using them.

    Over the past few years I have spent more time spending in nature and gradually found myself through the silence of nature. I am enthusiastic about the power of nature and would like to share these experiences with you in my work!

  • My approach

    I love nature and live in harmony with modernity and spirituality. I know what it is like to have the wish to combine different “worlds” and how difficult the path initially seems. Together we will find solutions for your individual life concept.

    I take a holistic approach for your situation in a coaching, the only way I can guarantee you sustainability. I include both: your physical health as well as your mental and psychological constellation to be able to accompany you as best as possible. Sustainability for me means that you learn to shape your life in a long term with trust and personal responsibility.

    We always keep an eye on your goal, but on the way we also look at blockages and fears from which we can free you, so that you can reach your full potential. Your path leads to more serenity, resilience and self-confidence. I will accompany you as far as your situation requires.

  • Quality assurance

    In addition to my training as an alternative practitioner for psychotherapy, I also completed further training as an integral coach, resource manager, mental trainer, nature coach and as a coach for stress and burnout prevention.

    My work is also checked by ongoing supervision by other experienced coaches – a professional ethical attitude. With my well-founded specialist knowledge and experience, I guarantee you a coaching concept that has been developed by me in a sustainable manner and that always has your individual well-being and happiness in mind.

    Thanks to my background from many years of work – among other things as a trainer and managerial position – in the finance and tax industry, I bring a great deal of understanding and knowledge of operational conflicts and disruptive fields.


what my awesome clients say

Bedros, 33 y/o

The life coaching meetings with Alexandra I found to be liberating. Working together has helped me to tackle things that I have put forward because they are supposed to be unpleasant. With the result that my fears have not come true and everything has developed much more positively than painted. Honestly, I thought, my goal of making a decision in the short time of 3 sessions is not really realistic. I was teached a lesson. The investment in me was worth it! Alexandra carries out her work with great dedication and professionalism. Thank you very much.

Caro, 33 y/o

Alex has the special gift that you want to take her to your heart and trust her. Immediately I was able to open up and positively resolve issues that have burdened me over the years. I can always bring out the special experience in Serenity Life Coaching with the multi-page PDFs of the session and keep it in the long term as a little treasure. As a couple coach, Alex is the same win. Definitely try it out!

Philipp, 28 y/o

I would like to thank you from the bottom of my heart for everything you did for me in the Life Coaching sessions. You have the wonderful gift of giving people the space to open themselves up so that they can heal and fully accept themselves. Being able to experience this firsthand has brought me further than anything else I’ve done so far. Your help to take what was the most beautiful gift I could give myself. I am proud of myself that I have taken the first small step in the right direction. The one to myself.

Petra, 28 years - Clerk Insurance Company

For me, Alexandra was a lucky finding. If you are looking for a qualified therapist / life coach who does not give you answers but simply helps you get answers from within yourself, then this is the place for you. Great first therapy / coaching experience for me 🙂

Marion, 33 years - Consulting

The conversations with Alexandra are very pleasant. She is incredibly emphatic and cares a lot, so that I feel more than understood. The lessons are designed individually according to your needs and desires and gave me great tools that accompany me in everyday life and on my own path. The practice is centrally located at Sendlinger Tor and cozy.

Ready for nature?

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I am very happy to get to know you.

NOTE: nature coaching sessions are only available in the months from May until September.

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