Alexandra Christina Bauer

Nice to meet you!

I am Alexandra.

A free hippie soul with a big heart combined with an entrepreneurial mindset.

I work as an alternative practicioner for psychotherapy, therapeutic life coach, mindfulness trainer, published author, founder and CEO of Serenity Life Coaching Akademie, a consultant and coach for stress and burnout prevention, reiki practicioner, chakra therapist and nature coach.

In my opinion, we can all free ourselves from blockages that hold us back in life, to achieve our dreams. If you are doing the inner work, the world will change on the outside as well.

For a long time I was very dissatisfied with my life. I suffered from depression, blow of faiths, found myself stuck in toxic relationships and in jobs where there was no meaning as well as in an everyday life, that made me feel like: there must be so much more out there for me.

In my early 20s I reached out for therapists and then also coaches as well as mentors, who offered me a very appreciative support. This was my personal Game Changer!

We are not here to do it all on our own. On the contrary, we are here to help us and learn from each other.Personal-Life-Online-Coaching-Psychotherapie-München 3

Therapy changed my life

The journey was accompanied by years of self-reflection, training as a speech therapist and coach (alongside with my own coaching and psychotherapy process) and I finally made peace with my past.

Most of all, I processed the relationship with my dad. You can read more about this happy change here on my blog. Today, I not only live in a happy relationship with myself, but also with my father! This relationship is more loving than I ever could have imagined. It has affected not only my personal well-being, but also all my relationships in my life (to business partners, my friends, other family members, and especially to my partner!).

I would like to help others dealing with complicated relationships as well.

How I accompany you

Life Online Coaching München Psychotherapie

My clients do not receive 0-8-15 lessons from me.

I only pass on, what I have learned myself actually works. With me you get exclusive tools on top specially developed by me, which I have processed with my clients for years together and was experienced to be particularly valuable. These tools are unique in the coaching market.

We all have so many great gifts and I know – for sure – that together we can create an incredible energy!

Life Online Coaching Programm München Email

  • You recognize your potential and learn how to use it for you.
  • You gain clarity, structure and lightness and implement these into your everyday life.
  • You will get a step by step plan for your goals, with which you can start directly.
  • You get the necessary tools and tipps, so that you can work successfully and independently – the investment in your Coaching comes back to you in several ways.
  • You will live harmonious relationships and overcome attachment fears (by the way, a widespread unconscious fear that prevents us in every sphere of life from coming into our full potential).

You wanna live a fulfilled life?

Get in touch with me - I am looking forward hearing from you

Would you like to learn more about my psychotherapy and coaching services and get to know me?

Conveniently arrange your Clarity Call (phone call, 15 minutes) via the following link. We will discuss your concerns, clarify open questions and find out if we are a match.

I am very happy to get to know you.

Clarity Call

Funny facts about me:

  • I have the mission to help tons of people find love for themselves again. When we love ourselves, we are capable of anything. This can have an incredible tripling effect on the whole world. #dreambig
  • I almost have an obsession with squirrels. I love these little furry beauties and each time I giggle like a little kid, when I’m allowed to watch them play around … When they play together, they chuckle so cute!
  • I’m not putting myself in one box. I love to paint, make jewelry myself, sing, write new books, maintain my homepage and learn the latest SEO tools, travel (with my second passport and now the 35th country!) and bring myself into adventures, from which you could make a movie.
  • Once I fixed an air con in Viet Nam with a tooth brush. My friends call me Mc Gyver, I think, he would be my best friend.
  • I enjoy: Tempe Sate and Gin Tonic (separate from each other), all spiritual and nature documentaries, quantum physics, spiritual teachings (yeah, I already sat down with an astrological shaman to have my personal astro chart laid out).