Email Coaching

Email Coaching

  • You are looking for a way to share your request anonymously and get a quick answer?
  • Are you in a small crisis and do not want to deal with it alone?
  • Are you looking for an impulse for your further journey?
  • You have already tried many things yourself, but feel like you want to get some support?

How about if you have found someone who offers you fast individual solutions and supports you emphatically? My goal is to give you answers to your questions in an e-mail coaching within a short time as well as develop solutions for your challenges together with you.

Email Coaching Programs

Choose between following options

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Impulse E-Mail Coaching

Your goal: You need a neutral perspective on an acute question / a small request. You want an impulse for your current situation or simply an objective opinion on your request. You want to know how things can continue for you.

The process: This program offers you support with ONE detailed email with solutions and eventually work sheets, with which you can continue working. After you have sent me your clearing email (email with your request), I will send you a form. Please fill out the form and send it back to me including your request. You will receive my answer on weekdays within the next 48 hours.

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Reflection E-Mail Coaching

Your goal: You want to go deeper into your topic. You want to reflect on you and your situation in a profound way in order to get a solution for your concerns.

The process: This program offers you support with THREE detailed emails. You can send three emails with all your questions and I will answer them within 48 hours on working days. You will get detailed answers and solutions, including worksheets, as your situation requires. Thus, you can reach your goals and clarify your concerns.

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Deep Dive E-Mail Coaching

Your goal: You want to be accompanied by me over a longer period of time via emails and to clarify comprehensive questions about your concern. You want to illuminate a comprehensive topic from a new perspective and try out the detailed solutions in your everyday life. Follow up mails offer you the opportunity to reflect already initiated changes.

The process: This program offers you support with FIVE detailed emails. You can send five emails with all your questions and I will reply on weekdays within 48 hours. You get detailed answers and solutions, including worksheets, as your situation requires. Thus, you can reach your goals and clarify your concerns.

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Email coaching: what to expect

  • Professional support with all your questions will take me time for you and I will put you in the best possible position in your situation.
  • You will receive support, as many of my clients already have in individual coaching.
  • Each of your mails will only be read and answered by me.
  • Use of all my expertise as a Therapist and Life Coach
  • Comprehensive answer within 48 hours
  • Solution orientated tools and – depending on the concern – work sheets that help you in clarifying your situation
  • Empathic sympathy and understanding of your situation
  • An inspiring and motivating collaboration

Why choosing Email Coaching

  • For many questions it needs a neutral and competent person.
  • I accompany you with all my expertise, empathy and multiple optimized email coaching process.
  • In an Email Coaching Program of your choice I offer you tailor made, individual solutions – well structured for you to read in a PDF.
  • In an Email Coaching you can contact me at any time of the day.
  • You save time and money on rides to my practice.
  • You can re-read my e-mails over and over again for a lifetime. Also, if the situation should be similar again, you can read this process again.
  • Writing has a therapeutic effect. You connect with your intuition and that can help you to take a step further on your way.


What my clients say

Bedros, 33 y/o

The life coaching meetings with Alexandra I found to be liberating. Working together has helped me to tackle things that I have put forward because they are supposed to be unpleasant. With the result that my fears have not come true and everything has developed much more positively than painted. Honestly, I thought, my goal of making a decision in the short time of 3 sessions is not really realistic. I was teached a lesson. The investment in me was worth it! Alexandra carries out her work with great dedication and professionalism. Thank you very much.

Monika, 30 years - senior employee HR

From the first moment onwards I felt very welcomed. Alexandra radiates so much positive energy and awareness, it is absolutely contagious. All that convinced me even more to go my own path and solve difficult issues. My topics were immediately captured, sorted and recognized, what actually is blocking me.

Alexandra has given me great approaches. She attaches great importance that I understood the current topic as well as the answers, and also provides further assistance. Behavioral patterns were made clear to me through very simple practical examples and thus I was able to reflect myself better. I highly recommend everybody to have a coaching with Alexandra.

Kerstin, 37 y/o

Thanks to you I started to listen more to myself again and tried to perceive more consciously what I actually feel in individual moments. The PDF summaries of all individual life coaching sessions and regular homework helped me a lot. I felt in good hands with you in coaching. It was a familiar feeling right away and it was easy to talk to you. With your specific questions, you helped me to listen more to myself again, to get new approaches and to see things more clearly again.

Tony, 22 y/o

If you want to know what is going on inside of yourself and want to act on your inner callings then look no further! I was very well consulted with Ms. Bauer and am very satisfied with the outcome. I signed up for the life coach session and in a matter of a single session, Ms. Bauer was able to completely break the ice inside of me.

Making me come to the realisation of the inner conversations I was having with myself and which path I truly desired to go through even though I didn’t have the courage to truly admit it to myself. It’s really crazy how she is able to guide you through your thought pattern and make you become aware of what is going inside ourselves! 100% recommend it, it’s for the better! Also, special discount if you are students 😉 Thank you Ms. Bauer !!!

Caro, 33 y/o

Alex has the special gift that you want to take her to your heart and trust her. Immediately I was able to open up and positively resolve issues that have burdened me over the years. I can always bring out the special experience in Serenity Life Coaching with the multi-page PDFs of the session and keep it in the long term as a little treasure. As a couple coach, Alex is the same win. Definitely try it out!

Imme, 30 years - Executive, Online Marketing

Alexandra helped me deciding between two great job offers. She worked with different methods and brought the answer, “that was already in me”, to the surface. What I experienced as super helpful was, that she summarized what I said – but always asked me to bring up the conclusions from that. In addition, she has a very empathetic and open nature. Highly recommended.

Maria, 33 y/o

I am so happy that we met! Thank you so much for all the great impulses that I was able to gain in the course of our life coaching. I learned so much about myself and feel more in tune with myself than ever. I understood that it is up to me to resolve my inner conflict, that my inner unrest comes from the fact that my mind tries to relativize my feelings and intuition.

The life coaching with you, I have understood that I need to find a better access to my emotions, take my feelings seriously, and even use them as a compass of my condition from which I can ultimately act. Since then, I have practiced every day to listen deeply to myself and to follow my intuition.

Working with you was a gift and I am so thankful for what I was able to learn about myself and my world. Thanks to the work with you, I was able to go on the journey to connect these two poles and see every day how I can get closer to myself in small steps. What I particularly liked about this life coaching was the written summaries after each session, and the little homework that encouraged me to review my own thoughts and actions and the feelings that came out of them. I very much liked your analytical approach and the demonstration of relationship constructs. I have just finished my personal End of Year Review and you are at the forefront in the category “important people for me this year”!

Philipp, 28 y/o

I would like to thank you from the bottom of my heart for everything you did for me in the Life Coaching sessions. You have the wonderful gift of giving people the space to open themselves up so that they can heal and fully accept themselves. Being able to experience this firsthand has brought me further than anything else I’ve done so far. Your help to take what was the most beautiful gift I could give myself. I am proud of myself that I have taken the first small step in the right direction. The one to myself.

Elisabeth, 25 years - Academic

Thanks to the coaching of Ms. Alexandra Bauer, after a few weeks I have found the courage and the energy to change my life and to do what I really want. I am incredibly enthusiastic about the coaching and I am so grateful to Ms. Bauer for revealing everything that lay dormant in such a short time.

With her calm, pleasant, friendly, empathetic and very competent nature, I not only always felt very well, but after each session I started with new ideas, thoughts and a lot of motivation. I recommend coaching to anyone, whether you want to change things, get to know yourself or explore something else, in any case, it is a gain and an asset to yourself.

Any questions about e-mail coaching?

How does an e-mail coaching work?

After selecting a program (Impulse, Double or Big), you will get a confirmation email from me. Then you can message me, tell me your request and ask your questions. I will take time to answer your email and provide a detailed answer with solutions and possible exercises (within 48 hours on working days).

Will my booked e-mail coaching program expire if it is not (completely) used?

No. After choosing a program, you have all the time to write to me. You can now use one part of the emails and the other part in one month or after half a year (for example within the Big Email Coaching Program).Personal-Life-Online-Coaching-Psychotherapie-München 3