How long are the waiting times?

That depends heavily on whether you want to make an appointment in my practice in Munich or schedule an online appointment. On average, the waiting times are about 4 weeks – but it is always worth a request, because every now and then someone gets sick or possibly cancels an appointment. You can put yourself on the waiting list for this.

How many appointments do I need?

That depends on your goals and concerns. In the DeepDive Premium program, I stand by you for 3 months and we work hard to reach your goals and actively embark on your dreams.

How long does coaching take?

The first appointment usually takes 60 minutes. Usually this is the appointment, which is emotionally very disturbing – in the sense of relief. For the first time, most clients speak out what is on their minds and thereby experience relaxation. I advise my clients not to do anything after these appointments, but to let the coming hours end in peace and only with themselves. The following appointments usually take between 60 and 90 minutes.

Where does the coaching take place?

The coaching sessions can take place in my practice in Munich, via Skype / FaceTime or by phone calls. Basically it does not matter which variant you choose. A coaching with me is for a sustained self-reflection of a deeper insight into how we create our reality, how we really want to dissolve emotional blocks, and perceive one’s intuition.

For whom?

Coaching with me is for clients who are actually