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Ich bin Alexandra Christina Bauer. Als HP für Psychotherapie und Life Coach verstehe es als meine Mission anderen Menschen in ein selbstbestimmtes, zufriedenes Leben zu begleiten und sie dabei zu unterstützen. Vor allem helfe ich Frauen dabei, Selbstliebe zu praktizieren und ein authentisches Leben mit individuellen Lebenskonzepten zu führen.

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Life Coaching Munich

What is life coaching about?

You are in an inner upheaval? The present circumstances do not satisfy you any more? You are worried about your life situation? It’s tweaking here and there, but you do not know exactly where and how you can change your situation. Then life coaching is just the thing for you.

I will help you and illuminate your situation from several sides. The coaching sessions will show you new perspectives as well as give you strategies and mindfulness exercises for a happier life. Many clients leave a coaching session with a huge aha-effect. Most are astonished that the solution has been there just inside them for so long. You just did not hear the voice loud and clear enough.

You will see yourself and your environment in a new light. It may well happen that a knot bursts, which you did not know existed at all.

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Coaching techniques

In a life coaching process, metaphorical techniques such as so-called sculptures are often used. For example, family members (or even colleagues) from the client are placed in a room as they feel the relationship to each other. In this way, the position and attitude of the members of this „system“ are made clear and the interpersonal relationship to one another is represented.

In systemic conversation, techniques such as „circular“ questions as well as other question and intervention techniques are used. These also serve to identify problems and their respective visibility and to „disturb“ them. Thus new perspectives and possibilities for action can be triggered.

More time is needed to try out new insights from the life coaching sessions in your own lifestyles and „housework“. In this respect, coaching is characterized by thrift, which focuses on your own initiative.

In contrast to many other therapies, life coaching sessions can take place in irregular and often larger intervals.

This depends on your individual needs.

I would be happy to discuss the possibilities of a life coaching process with you during a non-binding first discussion.

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